Full Online Course

In your own time at your own pace…

At RUSTA we understand that people lead busy working lives. Taking nearly three days off work to attend a course, that will allow them to apply to the CAA, is not a possibility for many of our clients. Which is why last year RUSTA launched it’s full online training package to facilitate those individuals who can’t make it to the classroom. It contains all the same course material but negates the need for the classroom.


The online theory course covers the following modules:

  • Air Law
  • Theory of Flight
  • Meteorology
  • Civil Aviation Procedures (CAPS)
  • Navigation
  • Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Human Factors
  • Flight Planning Exercise
  • Operations Manual Guidance

Examination Procedure

Ensuring standards

If you go down the computer based learning path you will still need to conduct the theory examination and practical flight evaluation (after submission of your operations manual) . With examination centres across the UK we can make this an efficient process by conducting the examination then the flight test on the same day. Our examination centres are comfortable and easy to get to whilst our flight test centres are second to none.

How you operate

After successful completion of the theory modules, candidates must complete and submit their Ops Manual for approval by one of RUSTA’s highly qualified experts. This is completed in the candidate’s own time and requires them to produce a manual detailing the way in which they operate their SUAS to conform to regulations and safety standards.

Flight Evaluation

Proving yourself

Once the Ops Manual is deemed and ratified satisfactory by our experts, you will be assigned a RUSTA evaluator. The evaluator will give you a practical scenario that reflects a normal task that you can expect from a customer in the future. You will plan the mission and carry out the practical task at one of the approved RUSTA operational sites. On Successful completion of the practical task the candidate will be awarded their RUSTA wings and will have the ability to apply to the CAA for their PFCO.