Military Drone Training

Training the Military to fly drones.

RUSTA has the most qualified UAS instructors in the industry. The vast majority of these credentials were obtained and honed whilst serving in either the Royal Air Force or the Army Air Corps. All our instructors have completed the RAF Central Flying Schools Air Instructors Course at RAF college Cranwell. In addition to the instructors credentials all of RUSTA’s courses are designed to the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) protocol which is familiar to all serving personnel in any of the UK’s Armed Forces.

RUSTA has, to date, delivered courses to the RAF, Army and Navy and is proud to deliver training back to the most professional Armed Forces in the world.

RUSTA not only covers the mandatory CAA regulations including the ANO and the CAP722 but they also cover the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) documentation such as the RA1600.

RUSTA has two sites near their HQ that can be utilised, alternatively RUSTA can conduct training at the customers site if viable.

In 2018 RUSTA was awarded the Armed Forces Covenant Silver Award for its continuing support to Her Majesty’s Forces.

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